Your perfect Hollywood Smile

With our removable Veneers you can laminate optical flaws in no time. Ready for your Hollywood-Smile?

one jaw

680 €

including impressions, shipping and one rectification

both jaws

890 €

including impressions, shipping and one rectification

A prize that makes you smile

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Your new smile: fast and painless

individuell auf deine Bedürfnisse abgestimmt und maßgefertigt für deine Zähne


Made by our experts and individually adapted to your teeth

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Easy to wear and comfortable from the beginning

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Simply ordered online and delivered to your door

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What is K Lamina?


K Lamina is a custom-fit, cosmetic veneer that you can wear as an attachment over your own teeth.


Non-permanent and removable veneers


The K Lamina conceals visual blemishes in no time.

Suitable for everyday life

Your K Lamina is suitable for daily use. To make it enjoyable for a long time, you should take it out for dinner.


You can take the impressions easily at home, so a visit to the dentist is not necessary.


You can choose from different shades and looks.

Please note that our cosmetic dental veneer can not replace dental care and precautions.

K Lamina herausnehmen

Fields of application

  • Discolored teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Open bite

Fields of application

  • Discolored teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Open bite

Health problems?

K Lamina is a cosmetic product that is not suitable

  • if you are currently in dental treatment
  • with health restrictions in the mouth area
  • with loose teeth
  • for gum disease, bleeding or pain
  • if you have a crossbite
  • with extremely tilted teeth
  • with movable teeth

Straightening crooked teeth

Is K Lamina not the right solution for your problem?

Painless, Transparent, Fast: With our transparent medical aligners, you can quickly get a grip on malocclusions! We're here to help you find a K Clear certified dentist or orthodontist near you.

If you do not want to veneer your natural teeth but put them in the right position, K Clear is the solution for you!


Are your teeth suitable?
Send us a photo of your teeth with the keyword “K Lamina” via WhatsApp. Our experts will appreciate whether a K Lamina will make you shine. Wichtig: In order for us to process your request, our experts must be able to see all the teeth. It’s best to make several photos of your upper and lower jaw.
WhatsApp-Check kostenlos und unverbindlich

+ 49 157-816 946 26


The comparison
Vorher Nachher Vergleich Hollywoodlächeln
Vorher Nachher Vergleich Hollywoodsmile
Vorher Nachher Vergleich Hollywoodlächeln
Vorher Nachher Vergleich Hollywoodsmile
Vorher Nachher Vergleich Hollywoodsmile
Vorher Nachher Vergleich Hollywoodsmile

Smile Gallery

In January 2016, K Line Europe patented K Lamina as the first removable veneer in the form of a shell. It is very exciting for us to give people around the world a smile with our simple yet effective product. We have already made many customers happy with K Lamina.

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K Lamina verändert das Lächeln
Aline Bachmann testet das K Lamina
K Lamina Bewertung
Ayia Adams testet das K Lamina
"For me as a model, it's important that my teeth look good. Thanks, K Line Europe, for my new bright smile!"
Miss Germany testet K Lamina
Selina Kriechbaum
Miss World Germany 2016
"I'm really happy with the result. As shading I chose A1 and now my teeth are brighter than they ever were. My friends even call me "Mrs. Hollywood". Thank you!"
Rezension K Lamina
Nassim Shahedi


The most important questions and answers at a glance

Our K Lamina is an individually made, removable, cosmetic veneer. This can be ordered for one or both jaws and in the version Light and Full.
The K Lamina is made of PMMA. This is a synthetic thermoplastic which ensures flexibility and counteracts breakage. In addition to its use in dentistry, PMMA is also used in hearing aid acoustics and orthopedics.
We individually produce the K Lamina, so it’s important that you look closely at the instructions included in the Impression Set. If you have questions, use our WhatsApp number +49 157-81694626 and send us a photo of your finished impressions. In case something goes wrong, that’s not bad. The impression set contains sufficient material for another impression.
You can pay on instalments if you are located in Germany.
Your customized K Lamina will be produced within 20 working days after receiving your impressions.
The K Lamina is made individually for you using the latest scientific methods. The basis for this is the impression of your teeth. If you are still not completely satisfied with the fit when you first wear it, our experts will improve it until you feel comfortable with the result and your K Lamina. Here you do not take any risks, because we are only satisfied when you are. In case you are located outside of Germany. You will have to pay the shipping costs as of the second remake.
No, the K Lamina is worn over the natural teeth and therefore does not alter the tooth structure. As a result, the bite or the jaw structure are not changed.
The K Lamina is not suitable for the consumption of food. Although some customers report that they do not take out their K Lamina for food, we strongly advise against it. This can lead to material breaks and discoloration, which can not be claimed. Even hot drinks (over 50 degrees Celsius) should not be drunk with inserted K Lamina.
We strongly advise against wearing K Lamina while smoking. This could lead to discoloration.
No, you can take out your K Lamina at any time and do your oral hygiene as usual.
You do not have to go to the dentist to make your K Lamina. You can easily make the impressions at home. Please note, however, that this is an exclusively cosmetic solution. Regular visits to the dentist will not be replaced.
You will get used to your K Lamina very quickly and be able to speak normally after a short time.
The K Lamina is individually produced for your teeth. You decide by yourself how it will look like. This can be “natural” or even “Hollywood” from. You do not have to make a final decision until you have received the impression set from us. If you are unsure, our experts will be happy to help you.
The K Lamina is versatile and used on various occasions. Often it is ordered for:
  • Weddings
  • Video and photo shoots
  • phobic patients (People who are afraid of the dentist but want to enhance their appearance)
  • Alternative to whitening
  • People who had tooth loss due to illness (cancer patients) or pregnancy
  • Customers with tooth gaps
  • Testing of Veneers
  • Customers with tooth discoloration (white spots or yellow teeth)
  • Customers with missing teeth
  • Customers with small teeth
Your K Lamina will be made especially for you. Therefore a return is not possible. If you are not completely comfortable with the fit, our experts will do a repair. We are only satisfied when you are.