Perfect smile in a few steps

1. Step: WhatsApp-Check

WhatsApp-Check mit unseren Zahnexperten

Send us pictures of your teeth via our WhatsApp service number + 49 157-816 946 26. Within a short time, our experts appreciate free and without obligation whether the K Lamina is suitable for your teeth.

2. Step: Order

Einfach online bestellen

Order your K Lamina comfortably in the online shop.

3. Step: Impressions

Das Abdruck-Kit kommt per Post zu dir nach Hause

After about 3 days you will receive  an impression kit and the shade guide for color selection. Please notice: shipping outside Germany could take more time.

Abformungen ganz einfach Zuhause machen

The set comes with instructions, but you can also watch our video tutorial on making impressions.

Kostenloser und unverbindlicher WhatsApp-Check

How good the result will be depends on the impressions. Send a photo of your impressions to our WhatsApp service number + 49 157-816 946 26. This will help to prevent delays and rework

Sende die Abformungen an uns zurück

Return your impressions to us. For this, the package is accompanied by a return slip.

Tips for making your impressions

This step is really very important to make sure that the impression trays are the right size for your teeth. A too large or too small impression tray will not be able to correctly pick up the shape of your teeth and the gum line.

Please place the impression trays one after the other without impression material on your teeth. You should not touch the outer surface of the tooth nor pinch the gums. If you find that none of the impression trays fit, contact us so we can send you new trays.

Divide the mass into 4 equal parts with a knife. Then knead one part each of the red and white putties (each approx. 35g) for 60 seconds with your fingers. The kneaded mass will then look delicately pink. Then roll the putty and place it in the impression tray. Distribute the material evenly. Make sure that the impression tray is completely filled and that the compound emerges from the holes on the front of the impression tray with light pressure.

Insert the impression tray horizontally into the oral cavity and try not to get in contact with the teeth.
Place the impression tray with the mass centered on your teeth to accurately grasp the imprint of all the teeth and your gums. Make sure that the mass can surround every tooth in the middle. It is helpful to observe yourself in a mirror to see if the handle of the tray is positioned in the center of your mouth.

After placing the impression tray centered over your teeth, press the mass evenly with your fingers up (upper jaw) or down (lower jaw). Apply pressure until your teeth are completely absorbed in the impression mass.
Please avoid creating pressure by biting and only use your fingers so that even pressure can be created. Overflowing mass should not be considered further.

Leave your lip above the impression tray. The pressure you create lasts about four minutes. Here you can close your mouth easily. We recommend that you stop the time with your mobile phone.

After 4 minutes, test whether the mass that has been whirling through the holes has hardened. Then open the mouth and pull the impression tray horizontally up or down to release it from the teeth.

Now let the mass in the spoon dry for 5 minutes before returning your impressions to us.

Please return the impressions in the same box in which you received the complete documentation for your K Lamina order with the order confirmation form. Use the enclosed return slip.

Please also note that we need photos of your smile to make your K Lamina! What exactly are these, you will learn in the enclosed instructions.

4. Step: Production

Produziert mit Hilfe neuester Methoden

Based on your impressions and information on the order form, we will produce your custom K Lamina.

5. Step: Show your dream smile!

Das K Lamina erhältst du per Post

After a total of 20 working days your K Lamina is ready and we will send you your tailor made dream smile by mail. Please notice that shipping to other countries than Germany could take longer.

Der letzte Schritt: Zeige dein Lächeln!

Show your new smile!