K Lamina

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680,00 890,00 
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The K Lamina is a custommade, cosmetic veneer that you can wear as an attachment over your own teeth. These are non-permanent and removable veneers that conceal visual blemishes in an instant and give you the perfect Hollywood Smile.

The K Lamina adheres to the front of the teeth and is held by the molars. The thin material is comfortable to wear and does not alter the tooth structure of your real teeth. The K Lamina is suitable as a cosmetic correction for tooth gaps and discolored teeth.

You have the choice: Naturally or “Hollywood”? The fit of your K Lamina is adapted by our experts exactly to your dental situation. You determine the external appearance! You can choose from different shades and looks. However, you do not have to decide now, but only when the impression set has arrived at your home.

You do not want to make the impressions alone, but rather have them made by an expert? No problem! If you have the impressions taken by your dentist, we will refund you on presentation of the invoice up to 30 € of your costs.

Please make sure your dentist uses our impression kit or makes silicone impressions in the disposable impression tray.

Please note that our dental veneer splint is a cosmetic solution that can not replace dental care and precautions.

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Upper Jaw, Lower Jaw, Both Jaws